About the Email Innovations Summit

Bill McCloskey, founder of the influential community for email marketers, Only Influencers, and Rising Media, one of the premier event producers for the internet industry have teamed up to launch a new conference series for email marketing professionals: The Email Innovations Summit, the first conference to focus exclusively on the latest innovations in email marketing industry.

The focus of this unique conference series is on email marketing’s latest innovations in technology, strategy, design, and acquisition. But it doesn’t stop there. The best innovations are worthless if they can’t or won’t be integrated into your overall marketing efforts. So the EI Summit is also about the “care and feeding” of the email marketing professional with sessions designed to help the marketer integrate the information learned back into the broader marketing team when they get back to the office.

The EI Summit is designed to not only make you the smartest person in the room by arming email professionals with the most up to date techniques and tools, but also how to communicate those benefits and get buy in from your CMO, Upper Management and your clients.

And, as with anything connected with Only Influencers, it is also a conference with a strong connection to community. Plans include a fast moving cutting edge Innovations Shootout with audience participation and also a musical “jam” night featuring email marketers who double as musicians. Network with colleagues from around the world, get to know the email marketing community, and super charge your career at the Email Innovations Summit every June in Las Vegas and October in London.

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