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Tuesday, April 18, 2017


Welcome Reception

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6 Let’s kick off the fun early! All Email Innovations Summit attendees are invited to an opening reception on Tuesday, April 18, from 5:30 – 7:00 pm. Get to know the other attendees and mingle with the the sponsors in the exhibit hall. Plan your arrival time accordingly!

Wednesday, April 19, 2017



Room: Pavilion Foyer

Networking Breakfast

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6


Conference Chair Welcome

Room: Pavilion 1
Bill McCloskyBill McCloskey
Conference Chair
Email Innovations Summit



Room: Pavilion 1

Email- The Rise to Power

If you work in the email industry, it’s your time to rejoice! Email originated and has remained the most powerful marketing a vehicle of our time. Like many other superstars, rumors of it the death have been greatly exaggerated. Time and time again email continues to demonstrate its relevance its authenticity and it’s ability to drive ROI like no other source on the planet.

To understand how to harness the true power email you must first understand the origins of email. Join Jeanniey Mullen on this compelling journey of discovery that will enable you to unlock and unleash the power of email and your organization.

+ Understand why email hasn’t died and never well.
+ Explore the role of email in an Omni channel world.
+ Be captivated in the ways that email has yet to demonstrate its power.
+ Jump ahead of your competition by learning how to use email effectively with every generation, including Gen Z.

This is a keynote not to be missed. Or, skip it at your peril.

Jeanniey MullenJeanniey Mullen
Partner, Global Marketing Leader
Innovation, Mercer


Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6


Track 1: Innovations in Email

Room: Pavilion 1
Innovations Track

Track 2: In The Trenches Career Track

Room: Pavilion 5
Career Track


Breaking Brand: How About.com is Bringing it's Vertical Brand Strategy to Newsletters

About.com is reimagining the way people find expert advice and answers online. Through its premium vertical brands including Verywell, The Balance, Lifewire and its namesake About.com, it helps millions of monthly users answer questions, solve problems, learn something new and find inspiration on topics they deeply care about. George DiGuido, Head of Email Strategy at About, will take us though how the content publisher is building and growing newsletter products against their new vertical brand strategy.

George DiGuidoGeorge DiGuido, Head of Email Strategy, About.com

Trigger Mapping and Email Automation

Email automation is a hot topic and for good reason, it works when implemented correctly. But too often automation projects go off track. The session focus is on how to set automation strategy and integrate it with overall email activity. It’s aimed at people just starting with automation as well as those who have deployed some basic triggers and are looking to expand.

+ Why automation projects fail (too many do)
+ Where to start with automation
+ The two factors to identifying your best automation triggers
+ Automation in B2B and B2C environments
+ Measuring automation performance

Tim WatsonTim Watson, Email Consultant, Zettasphere


Getting Jiggy with Animation & Video for Email Marketing

Fortune 500 brands — and, ok, everyone else — want to put as much of their branding into email as possible. Enter the big image plopped into email. Rather than this “flyer” style of design, how can we design emails better, make visuals juicier, and still keep a balanced ratio of text-to-images?

And how about animation? You can barely scroll through a social channel without seeing animated GIFs and live video and email designers are chomping at the bit to get motion into emails, too. (A little bird told them that including motion/video can drive up response rates 3-5 times!)

Jessica, Director of Data-Driven Marketing for Barkley, will talk about how to put motion to work — the right way — in your email campaigns, with examples from restaurants to airlines to ice cream fans. Plus, how to use straightforward testing to make sure your investment is paying off.

Jessica BestJessica Best, Director of Data-Driven Marketing, Barkley

Newbie On Board: Tips for an Email Marketers First Days.

New comer Erin McDonald and Chris Jenner talk about both breaking into email marketing and taking over an established program at a large Brand.
Chris JennerChris Jenner, Vice President Email Marketing, Caesars Entertainment

Erin McDonaldErin McDonald, Email Marketing Associate, The Clorox Company


Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6

12:20PM-1:10PM LazBro Lunch and Learn

Room: Pavilion 1

Empower Distributed, Local and Non-Technical Teams with Email Playground and IBM Marketing Cloud

This session showcases how LazBro’s Email Playground empowers non-technical team members, franchisees and distributed workforces to leverage the power of the IBM Marketing Cloud while creating, scheduling and sending emails and SMS with ease. Come learn how Email Playground features like Query Builder, User Permissions, A/B Testing and Reporting can be extended into a simplified user interface for localized users. This compelling presentation will provide case studies and success stories from the non-profit, travel and hospitality, media and real estate verticals.

Sam LewisSam Lewis, VP of Technology, LazBro, Inc.


Cognitive Technology: The End of Marketers and Email Marketing As We Know It?

As marketing strategies and practices continue to evolve they are increasingly driven bydata, analytics and an ever-growing number of marketing technology solutions. The nextwave of marketing will also leverage machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI)tools that will enable more strategic insights and decision making, but will also makemarketers more efficient and reduce manual and inefficient processes. But whathappens to the creative process and the historical right-brain function of marketing? Willcomputers and machine learning soon replace email marketers? In this forward-lookingsession Loren will share a vision of what the future of machine learning-basedmarketing looks like and also cover:

  • How machine learning/AI technologies will be used to improve marketing processes and decision making
  • Which email marketing roles and functions are at risk of being “automated”
  • How to prepare yourself and your team for the future through a “center-brain marketing” approach
Loren McDonald Loren McDonald, Marketing Evangelist, IBM Watson Marketing

Rebuilding a Foundation for Innovation: Taking a Step Back to Move Forward

Have you been to a conference or read a blog, noticed a great idea, but couldn’t implement it due to limitations within your existing setup? You’re not the only one. In this session, Chuck will talk about the renaissance email has seen at Hyatt and the steps Hyatt has taken to reset the foundation of the email program to become more innovative. Some of the areas Hyatt reviewed and that will be discussed include list growth, data setup, contact mapping, ESPs, and creative.

Chuck SchroederChuck Schroeder, Email Product Development Manager, Hyatt Hotels

Innovations in Email Panel

Room: Pavilion 1 A freewheeling discussion on the latest innovations in Email including design, automation, machine learning, dynamic content, subject line optimization, etc.

John ThiesJohn Thies, Co-Founder, Email on Acid

Brian CampbellBrian Campbell, Email/CRM Automation & Product Overstock.com

Christopher MarriottChristopher Marriott President & Founder, Marketing Democracy

Allen NanceAllen Nance, Emarsys North America, Inc.


Exhibits & Afternoon Break

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6


Women of Email Presents: Rumpelstiltskin Marketers

There’s no arguing that necessity is the mother of invention. That’s why it’s wise to look to scrappy, agile email marketers with limited resources and abundant creativity for a dose of inspiration. And this group of savvy problem-solvers can spin straw into gold.

Find out how these members of Women of Email move the needle without big-brand budgets or market recognition in this insightful session that’s sure to spark fresh ideas for email challenges.


Jen CapstrawJen Capstraw, Consultant, Adobe & Co-Founder/Board Member, Women of Email


Sue ChoSue Cho, Director of Email, Autolist

Jessie GregerJessie Greger, Head of Relationship Marketing, Smule, Inc.

Micaela WrightMicaela Wright, Sr. Marketing Automation Specialist, Lucid Software

Challenging Traditions to Drive Email Success

Between a powerful brand, talented people, and an established channel like email – there’s no doubt a “way of doing things” has long been in place. But is it the right way? Can we do better? We’ll take a look at how you can push the boundaries and lay the groundwork for a successful future by:

+ Identifying process/people gaps
+ Collaborating with internal partners
+ Pushing comfort zones with external partners

Kevin KaoKevin Kao, Sr. Manager, Email Marketing, The New York Times



Room: Pavilion 1

Measuring the Impact of Innovation

Technology providers’ ability to innovate significant outpaces marketers’ ability to put these solutions into practice. The result? Modern marketers consistently feel they are behind and “need” to innovate—even if bottom-line business impact is unclear.

Join Morgan Stewart as he addresses how marketers can measure the impact of innovation on real business value, including:

+ Methods for evaluating the ROI of Innovation
+ How to identify solutions that look good, but may actual be bad for business
+ Ensuring innovation drives demonstrable and sustainable growth

Morgan StewartMorgan Stewart
Co-Founder and CEO
Trendline Interactive, Inc.


Networking Reception

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6 Reception + Hosted Cocktails

Thursday, April 20, 2017



Room: Pavilion Foyer

Networking Breakfast

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6


Conference Chair Welcome

Room: Pavilion 1 Bill McCloskyBill McCloskey
Conference Chair
Email Innovations Summit



Room: Pavilion 1

The Future of Relevance

One-to-one marketing has been a goal of marketers for years, yet the tools and often the ROI where not present to fully realize this aspiration. David Daniels, one of the most influential voices in the email marketing industry will discuss the strategies and tactics to implement relevant marketing and the future opportunities and challenges to prepare for. David will present new research on the topic that underscores the ROI of Relevance and the many avenues to take to achieve powerful results.

David will discuss the following:

+ The power of people based moment marketing
+ Consumer behavior and attitudes
+ The role of email marketing in an omnichannel world
+ Tactics to transform your organization

Morgan StewartDavid Daniels
CEO & Founder
The Relevancy Group


Diamond Sponsor Presentation

Room: Pavilion 1

Transparency Transforms Email Acquisition: - 3 key metrics, and 3 case studies, that define the next generation of B2C email acquisition

Tranparency is a game changer:

  1. Scale email lists and get into the inbox
  2. Significantly improve ROI
  3. Test new media inexpensively
  4. Stop throwing money down the toilet

Transparency, shows in real time

  1. Where best new propspects and customers originate
  2. ROI at the click source level
  3. How to grow email lists and improve inbox delivery
  4. Where your budget is not delivering the way you think it is

Learn the truth (specific to your brand) about how specific media channels impact your inbox and bottom line

  1. Programmatic
  2. Social
  3. Coreg
  4. Email
  5. Native
  6. Others

Christopher MarriottChristopher Marriott, President & Founder, Marketing Democracy

Lori ClureLori Clure, President, CertainSource


Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6


Track 1: Innovations in Email

Room: Pavilion 1
Innovations Track

Track 2: In The Trenches Career Track

Room: Pavilion 5
Career Track


The Art of Enhancing the Customer Experience using Personalization

Personalization is the latest trend within email marketing and with good reason – it delivers the goods. However the reason behind its success is not what you may think. In this must-attend session, Kath Pay, CEO of Holistic Email marketing de-mystifies personalization and reveals that contrary to popular opinion, personalization should not in fact be our objective. Our objective should be to deliver a great customer experience using personalization as a tactic to achieve this.

Kath PayKath Pay, CEO & Founder Holistic Email Marketing

Keeping 65M+ Members Engaged

With a database of over 65M+ members, it is an on-going challenge to build out a program that includes the right touch-points for all our members at all stages of their lifecycle that is actually manageable.

Libby SneadLibby Snead, Manager, Email Programs, Classmates.com


Lunch in the Exhibit Hall

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6

12:15PM-1:05PM Personic Lunch and Learn

Room: Pavilion 1

Chatbots the future of Email Marketing 12:15-1:05

We are going to show and discuss how you can leverage your existing email marketing campaigns to reach the 1bn people using Facebook Messenger. In addition show and discuss the power of “Conversation Marketing” which allows you to engage with your audience in natural language building a deeper and more meaningful relationship.
Ankesh KumarAnkesh Kumar


5 Ways to Improve your Email Campaigns (and Get Better Results)

This is a presentation that I have been doing lately which has received a lot of positive feedback. The 5 things are: Making it to the Inbox, List Segmentation, From Name + Subject Line + Preheader Text, Design for Mobile, Progressive Enhancement and Simplified Content. What I like about this is that it doesn’t go into great detail but gives attendees an idea of what they can do to improve their campaigns as well as positive takeaways.

John ThiesJohn Thies, Co-Founder, Email on Acid

Interactive Email from Design to Deployment: A Brand Perspective

At Nest we focus on making simple, human, and delightful things. And this includes building interactive emails to provide a unique and enhanced email experience to our users. How do we achieve this? What resources, tools and techniques do we leverage? How do we approach the inconsistency of support of advanced coding techniques across all email clients? Is it really worth the time and effort for us (and for you)? What are the keys to success (and the traps we fell into so you can avoid them)?

John Chinchilla.pngJonathan Chinchilla, UX Engineer, Email Developer, Nest | Alphabet


Innovation in Acquisition: Achieving Quality at Scale

Better quality opt-ins and a larger database don’t have to be a struggle, but year after year, email marketers complain that customer acquisition is one of their largest challenges. In this session, industry veteran Nicholas Einstein will lead a panel of brand marketing executives in a discussion about the strategies, tactics, and technologies that they are using to acquire their best customers, with precision, at a massive scale. Going far beyond the basics of list building, this panel will dive into how sophisticated data modeling, real-time interaction with consumers, and people-based marketing platforms can be deployed to aggressively grow the top of the funnel while preserving high engagement rates and ROI.

Key takeaways will include:

+ How to generate mass quantities of sign ups across multiple channels while ensuring a great user experience
+ New approaches and technologies that make acquisition programs easier and more effective than ever
+ Exciting opportunities for expanding the reach of acquisition programs across email, mobile, display and social
+ New solutions such as opt-in focused retargeting campaigns that enable marketers to capture email opt ins outside the confines of their own websites

 Nicholas Einstein Nicholas Einstein, VP of Research + Principal Analyst, The Relevancy Group

Reed PankratzReed Pankratz, Sr. Digital Strategist, Finish Line

George DiGuidoGeorge DiGuido, Head of Email Strategy, About.com

Getting through to inboxes: The key to Successful Email Delivery

Building the perfect email campaign takes time, talent, and resources, but 21 Percent of commercial emails never even make it to the inbox. Every email lost in transit is a failed opportunity, and successful email delivery is the foundation of any effective email operation. In this session, we’ll talk about what you can do to make sure your emails are being received:

  • Email best practices
  • Email authentication: What it is and why it matters
  • Common content triggers that can get your messages blocked or filtered
  • Safeguarding your own domain and sender reputation
Eric Johnson Eric Johnson, Chief of Email Deliverability, GoDaddy Email Marketing

Exhibits & Afternoon Break

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6


Innovation Inside the Inbox

As email continues to evolve, the competition for the customer’s attention becomes increasingly competitive. New technologies, strategies, and tactics are available to help you innovate and win that battle inside your customer’s inbox.

Reed PankratzReed Pankratz, Sr. Digital Strategist, Finish Line

Reimagine Your Email Marketing Program with Segmentation, Automation and Personalization

Automation, segmentation and personalization are buzzwords – but they also the keys to reimagining your email marketing program to improve your ROI in 2017 and beyond! This is not your usual ‘best practices’ session – it’s a peek into the future of email marketing, to give you a long term goal as well as short term steps you can take to work toward reaching it.

We’ll walk through how to develop and start building an automated email program to shepherd your email subscribers through the customer lifecycle, from prospect to loyal, multi-purchase customer. Topics we’ll cover include how to:

  • Create automation flow charts for the big picture – and then break us an agile process to implement them incrementally to get maximum valuable performance (MVP)
  • Develop a plan that allows subscribers to ‘self-segment’ on an ongoing basis, based on their actions
  • Use data gathered from subscribers to personalize the program – not just creative but also frequency and cadence

You’ll leave with a blueprint to begin reimagining your own email program to recognize greater ongoing ROI without huge investments in staff resources. Join us!

Jeanne JenningsJeanne Jennings, Partner, CohereOne


Closing Remarks/Wrap Up

Room: Pavilion 2 & 6

Bill McCloskyBill McCloskey
Conference Chair
Email Innovations Summit

Friday, April 21, 2017


Post-Conference Workshop
HTML Typography in Email (Advanced)

Room: Pavilion 7

Bill McCloskyPaul Airy
Email Designer and Developer
Beyond the Envelope

HTML typography is essential for delivering a great email experience, and in this workshop, you’ll work through a number of techniques that’ll equip you to deliver just that to your subscribers.

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